Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Best Lightweight Printers available Online

Before we determine which one is the best lightweight printer online, let us first determine which printers online are lightweight. Since we want to know which printers online are lightweight, it will not hurt to think checking which printers are the smallest printers. After all, weight can be associated with size.

Currently, the smallest printer available online is the PrintStik. There are 4 models available and the lightest is the first model known as the PrintStik 900. Its dimensions are 11" x 1" x 2" (360cc) and it, weighs nearby 1.5 lbs. Aside from the size and the weight of this printer, let's see what else it has to offer. In terms of quality, it can print up to 3 pages per limited and at a resolution of 200 x 200 dpi using thermal printing technology. It only uses Usb interface unlike its later models, which have the further Bluetooth connectivity.

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Next to this is Brother's movable series, specifically the Mw120. Its size is comparable to a size of a notebook at dimensions 6.3" x 3.9" x 0.7" (281cc). This printer is surely smaller than the world's smallest printer is. Weighing 0.69lbs, it is also lighter than the PrintStik. However, it is not able to print on large size papers. The maximum size it can print is an A7 (4.1" x 2.9") size. It has a higher resolution compared to PrintStik at 300dpi. This printer also uses thermal printing technology.

The Best Lightweight Printers available Online

Now we go to the PrintBrush, which was developed by PrintDreams. This printer is surely the smallest and the lightest with the volume of 200cc and a weight of approximately 0.55lbs. Its monochrome resolution is at 600dpi, which is 4 times higher than Brother's is. It uses Bluetooth and infrared connectivity as well as Usb. The printing formula for this is separate compared to the previous two. Instead of thermal printing, it uses inkjet technology. You print with it by waving it back and forth on a surface, as if you were brushing, hence the name PrintBrush. It is improbable to be released in social on the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Unfortunately, light doesn't all the time equate to quality. As you can see, we mentioned that all the resolutions they have are far inferior to the ones you would expect to have in a desktop printer. Neither one of them offers a print speed that is good adequate and not one of them offers colored printing. So how do we determine which is best?

Now let's take on other angle. If you wish to know, what the best printer is, which is also lightweight, then look for the best voyage printer. voyage printers are already light since they were designed specifically for portability purposes.

The best lightweight printer doesn't have to be the printer that you can fit in a pocket. The best lightweight printer doesn't have to be the printer that weighs the least either. The best lightweight printer should be a printer that maintains all the qualities of a good printer and should at least be light. The best lightweight printer should be the best of voyage printers.

The Best Lightweight Printers available Online